Polypropylene Overwrap
for high speed wrapping



The Platinum Packaging Group offers Biax Coextruded PP films. We offer the more value added Saran (PVDC) coated Acrylic films. Better controls over OTR (oxygen transmission rates) and MVTR (moisture transmission rates) extending shelf life of products.

Other PP based films offered low initiation sealing PP for higher speeds, Acrylic for higher gloss, White cavitated PP. Anti-Fog films for fresh applications.

We offer compostable PLA , corn based materials with the recent addition of the PlatSeal Eco Line.

The PlatWrap Line of Paper laminated paper overwraps also offer an artisan eco look.


Platinum Cold width=

  • In House Perforating
  • Min Hole size 125 to 175 Micron / Max 1500 Micron Approx.
  • Holes size can depend on type of film, gauge , temp. running speeds and settings of the perforating machine.
  • We offer over 12 different patterns , 60 holes and or 30 hole per sq” with the option of 1” , 2” and 4” collars.
  • In House Hole Punching
  • Min Hole ¼” to 1/8”

Applications We Supply

  • Bakery
  • Produce
  • Cut Fruit
  • Non Food