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Ava & Jack Lowe

• We offer specific expertise in school nutrition for over 30 years. / Offering a turnkey approach with a ‘Total Package Solution’.

• School Nutrition programs play a fundamental role in the health, wellness and development of our children in society. Providing access to healthy nutritious meals for children across the country is vital. The Platinum Packaging Group is proud to be associated with such worthwhile programs.

• PPG can help provide portion controlled safety prepacked fresh food, in both side dishes or entrée servings. Essential in the Pre & Post-Pandemic School Nutrition World.

Markets We Sell To


School Nutrition

Centralized or On Site Prep Location Centers


Federal & State Nutrition Programs

Prison/Senior Feeding


Centralized Food Preparation Centers

School Districts, Supermarkets & Airline Commissionares

PPG’s Sustainability Commitment

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