PET & CPET Trays for School Nutrition Feeding

Cold & Hot Pack Trays
PET / CPET Trays

Cold Pack PET, Post-Consumer Recycled (PCR)
Hot Trays Recycled CPET

The Platinum Packaging Group offers an array of tray options for:

  1. School Nutrition Feeding
  2. Freeze Safe / Recyclable
  3. 1,2,3 Comportment Available / Portion Controlled /Air tight Seal
  4. Complements Offer Vs. Serve / Keeps Products Fresher Longer
  5. Fits 8 or 10 Pack Baskets
  6. Increased Eye Appeal / Generous Depths (1.75”) / Increased Flexible OF Meals & Menu Planning
  7. Compliments our line of school food service program
  8. Bakery
  9. Packer / Processor
  10. All trays are made from (PCR) Post-Consumer Recycled PET Material. When 30,000 (PCR), trays are used, this is equal to removing 12,000 20oz bottles from the landfill OR Every 3 Trays = 1 x 20 oz Bottle
  11. All trays made in the USA united states
  12. Heatable Trays are made from materials that contain up to 70% recycled content (Recycled Crystallized Heatable CPET) created from the manufacturing process


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