Lidding Films (Top Seal)

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Lidding Films

Cold / Hot Applications

  • Suitable for Refrigerated, Cut fruit, Vegetables, Produce
  • Suitable to apply to CPET and Ovenable Paperboard Trays
Coated Lidding Films

Hot And Cold Applications

Suitable for hot and refrigerated applications. PlatSeal will adhere to CPET, PP, OPS ,PS, HDPE.
APET Coated paperboard , Reusable Carbon Fiber.

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Pre Die Cut Lidding Aluminum / Aluminum & PET /Paper Laminates

Pre Die-Cut Aluminum Foil & PET Plastic Lids offer exceptional barrier for dairy and cultured product applications

Cut Lidding

Cut Lidding

  • Aluminum Offers high barrier against water vapor & oxygen transmission, light & aroma.
  • Typically used in dairy and cultured product applications
  • Available ,plain silver, gold wash, Printed up to 8 Colors.
  • Sizes 61mm, 71.5mm, 75.5mm, 95.5mm, 97.5mm, 101mm
  • Aluminum Combi & Aluminum Seals To PS. PS, PP, PE, R-PET, A-PET, C-PET, PE